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Another great asset Kero-chan poseses is his dry wit, and funny personailty. The first time he met Sakura, he shocked her by greeting her with a friendly, "KONONYCHIWA!". Kero-chan has a humorous in-your-face aggressiveness, that is fun to watch when he is interacting with other characters. At a glance he may look somewhat aarogant and over bearing, but he's really just playful. He always speaks with a loud and happy tone.

Naturally, Kero-chan can speel off a number of smart answers or cute remarks. He is definetly the comic relief of CCSakura, and an unprecitable behavior that will keep you on your toes. When complaining of housework or having a look of dread spread across his face, Kero-chan is sure to deliver an answer that will put a smile on your face. Comedy is an essential element every show needs to keep the viewer interetsed; even if it's a drama. Most of CCSakura's humor comes from this clever liitle fellow. Kero-chan's facial expressions usually spawn some sort of laughter. Falling in the dryer with a dizzy look of bewilderment, a scowl of jealousy over the last piece of cake, or a cheerful smile. You would have never thought either. Afterall, Kero-chan's face consists of a few dots and dashes. ^^;; At first glance, he looked like a really simple and shallow character. Anime face expressions are truly amazing. ^^

Some of Kero-chan's most comical moments were involving food. He would simply walk through fire for a bite of your cookie, and has done some pretty strange things for it. A classic example is when Kero-chan eats every single piece of chocolate Sakura's father got from work. He didn't know it was alcholic.. ^^;; The consequence he suffered? Well, after having a very deep and thoughful conversation with a ceramic hippo on the street, Kero-chan was found by a little girl and made a house pet! He even whined about not getting any pudding, while Sakura was being attacked by a Cow Card. Kero-chan's unpredictable behavior has also served for some funny moments. Just when you think he is going to share some sort of profound thought, he says "I don't know". In even the direst or tough situations, Kero-chan always comes through with some sort of witty or funny remark. But you always know what he will do when it comes to dealing with Shaoran. When they first met, Shaoran just rubbed Kero-chan the wrong way, and it's been that way whenever they meet.