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Even though she doesen't have magical powers, or the ability to capture clow cards, Tomoyo Daidouji is a vital part of the card captoring team. An essential part of capturing the clow cards, is using common sense. Not that Sakura is brainless, but she sometimes doesen't think clearly when in danger. Tomoyo acts as a coach on many clow card expeditions. When Sakura is knocked off her feet, Tomoyo is there holding out her hand. Besides, I just can't get enough of the battle costumes she designs! *.*

Video Camcorder
To Sakura's dismay, Tomoyo always insists on video taping every clow card adventure. Tomoyo is very knowledgable when it comes to taking videos, so of course she only uses the best equipment! Her camera looks like a , although it is never stated. Along with her camera, Tomoyo carries a bag around with her containing tapes, and battle costume accessories.

I have already gone over the Tomoeda uniform for girls, so I will just skip that part. Lazy of me, I know.. -.-;; Tomoyo's casual dress is always nothing but cute. Her clothing reminds me of how mothers want to dress their little girls. They are usually long dresses or jumpers, with skirts that are gathered at the waist or mid torso. The skirt is rounded, and flows to mid-calf. And in the case of a jumper, Tomoyo always has a nice blouse underneath. Whatever she is wearing, it is always extremely girly and cute.

Tomoyo's mother Sonomi had a great admiration for Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko's hair was wavy and long, and Sonomi wanted Tomoyo to have the same hairstyle too. Tomoyo's long hair is usually left down, sometimes with a ribbon, barette, or headband. When involved in a recreational activity, Tomoyo wears her hair in a ponytail or a thick braid.

Bah.. You must think me a REAL weirdo for this section but oh well. Tomoyo always wears very stylish shoes. Sometimes they are plain loafers for school, and other times she has platform sandals. For a fourth grader, she manages to run in them very well. ^^; Next time you watch CCSakura look at Tomoyo's shoes, and this little section may not seem as crazy. -.-;

yes.. I suppose this was a pretty pathetic one.. o.o; Tomoyo doesen't have that many accessories. ^^;;