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Although stuck in the body of a stuffed toy, Kero-chan never loses his pride. However, he certainly has a complex about being called a stuffed toy. Who could blame him? Everytime he meets someone, he is grabbed like a toy, and poked and probed for a switch or batteries. Kero-chan usually screams that he is not a stuffed toy, and even sometimes resorts to biting, charging, or some other type of physical abuse. Even though being called a stuffed toy is taken as an insult, it has gotten him out of some bad situations. No one would believe that Sakura has such a vital responsibility, let alone a flying toy as a guardian! Therefore, posing as a plsuhie on Sakura's shelves, has been somewhat of a life saver. Many would think this would be a real downer, especially when his true form is really much scarier. But Kero-chan really doesen't seem to mind. Even in his weakest moments he's still proud, and surprisingly lethal for a creature of his size! His job as guardian of the Clow, definetly gives him quite an ego. Kero-chan has, afterall, been guarding the Clow for a very long time. He pretty much knows the cards inside-out, which makes him a good guide to have around when dealing with the Clow (and he knows it..^^;;). When his knowledge is challenged, or shared before he has a chance, it upsets him. Along with pride, comes a sense of jealousy. Kero-chan loves to be appreciated and put on center stage. If he is replaced with another, this jealousy may make him burst into a fit of anger or violence. This goes double if he's left out of activities, or forgotten. Although this may make him seem like a spoiled five-year old brat, it's usually rather comical. ^^;;

The source of his pride? Well, he assures Sakura, and everyone else that his real form is much cooler and bigger.In order to turn into this bigger form, Sakura must capture the Fire and the Earth cards. Fire and Earth combined makes up Kero-chan's symbol; the sun. He is constantly reminding everyone of his true form to the point where I think they just shrug him off. Once, Sakura imagined him just as a BIG version of his current self towering over buildings. ^^;; Kero-chan really does have a MUCH bigger and cooler form. It is that of a large lion with wings; identical to the lion on the cover of the Clow. Appearences are truely decieving.. Man, he must have really shown them when he turned into this huge lion that could snap a person in half. Once Sakura gets the Fire and Earth cards, I think Kero-chan can freely change from his small form to lion form as much as he pleases. It's hard to hide him as it already is, but hiding a huge lion would be even harder. ^^;; This standing fact, that he is more than just a cute flying toy is the main thing that keeps Kero-chan going. Without this dream of a larger form, I'm sure Kero-chan's ego wouldn't be as big. He would probably be even more sensitive about his current form than he already is!

This may also explain why Kero-chan has so many descrepencies with people. Especially Shaoran and Mei Lin. Kero-chan can never fully admit he is wrong, and get's defensive when his knowledge or ideas are threatened. For a head strong person like Shaoran or Mei Lin to not only under estimate Sakura (a card captor he picked), but also openly disagree with Kero-chan's opinion, it REALLY sets him off. Besides the fact that Kero-chan is very protective of his ideas, he also sticks by the; no matter what. Even if he is proved wrong, Kero-chan sticks by them, come Hell or high water. Procrastination and excuses are often his scape goats. In some cases this can be good. Kero-chan refuses to be pushed around because of his size. However, he can also get very stubborn. Sakura can really tell you this first hand. There is always a limit to pride a person can feel before it borders on concietedness. Kero-chan does cross this line on more than one occasion. ^^;;