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Osaka Japan is Japan's oldest capital located in Central Japan. It has been a merchant city for ages, therefore, people usually address eachother as merchants. Osaka makes up part of the Kansai area along with it's neighboring cities Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. Japan is divided into self governing municipalities, and prefectures. The Osaka preficture is divided into 33 cities, 10 towns, and 1 village. The weather is usually mild, and it has four regular seasons. Osaka-ben is also known as Kansai-ben. It is one of Japan's oldest dialects and much different from traditional japanese. Many of the words in Kansai-ben are similar to standard japanese, except they are more shortened versions. For example, 'wrong' in standard japanese is chigau. In Kansai-ben, 'wrong' is simply chau. The Clow is written in Kansai-ben, therefore the accent kinda stuck with Kero-chan.. ^^;; As my friend Toki tells me, think of it as the US's equivelent to a southern accent.

Speak it!
Here is some basic Kansai-ben!

Sainara -- Goodbye (with feeling)

Mokarimakka -- How's business?

Bochi Bochi denna -- Not bad

Ookini -- Thanks

Hottoitenka -- Leave me alone! (angry tone)

Gottu sukiyanenn -- I love very much

Chau Chau -- That's wrong

Name tonnoka! -- Don't make a fool of me!

Honmakaina -- Really?

Donaishitan -- Are you alright?

Nani Yutennen -- So what?

Soyana -- I think so

Aho -- stupid, fool

Eraikocha -- Oh my God!

Uniquely yours
"Yo iwan wa!" This phrase is unique to the Osaka dialect. It pretty much means "I am speechless!". It's usually used when a person is in a ridiculous situation. Like if your Grandma gives you a gift, and it's a chicken suit. You would probably say, "What the hell?". But, to spare your dear Grandmother's feelings, you would say "I don't know what to say.." or.. Yo iwan wa!! When this is said, it inclines Osakans to laugh. They look for just about anything to laugh at. Osaka-ben, and Osakans themselves are very energetic, and look for humor in situations. Much like Kero-chan! ^.~ (You KNEW I had to throw that one in... )

Thank you Kansai-ben tutorials! Go there for further learning, hirigana, and pronounciation!