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A main difference in CCSakura's Cerberus and Greek Mythology's Cerberus is the pronounciation. In CCsakura, Cerberus' name is prounced as Ker-oh-ber-ous. This may also be the reason for the alternative spelling of Kerberus. However, according to Greek mythology, the pronounciation is Sur-buh-rus. Cerberus is much different in Greek mythology. He is greatly feared due to his appearance of a three-headed dog with a serpant's tail. Cerberus is a relative of the Hydra and the Chimaera (sound familiar? The Hydra is a Monster with lots of heads like snakes that was slayed by Hercules. The Chimaera is a Fire-breathing monster that was part lion, part goat and part snake. As you can see, Cerberus has his relatives to blame for the bad looks.. -.-;;

Hades. The God of the dead and rule of the Underworld. His name sent chills down all living mortals' spines, and was know to abduct maidens and screw with heroes' minds. Hades was Cerberus' master and used him as a guard dog. Hades' realm of the dead was split into two lands. The Elysian fields were for great heroes, where they could socialize and have fun. COmmoners were sent to the Fileds of Asphodel, where they would be bored and do nothing. They had lost all reccolection of their former lives because they drank from the River Lethe. Hades' kingodm was looked down upon by the Gods, for it was dark and a very unpleasant place to be.

Cerberus' job is mainly as a guard dog to scare away people. Some people did get around confronting the dog. For instance, Cerberus laid down helpless against the sweet tune of Orpheus's lyre, when he journeyed to he Underworld in search of his wife. His drool is known to be poisonous, and was used once to attempt to murder Theseus. Cerberus met his end when Hercules carried him from Hades for one of his Labors. Of course Cerberus only went by force. A great battle carried on, and Cerberus got a nice chunk of Hercules, as well as the snakes on his tail.