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name = kim
nicks = kimi + kimah + kandy + kipper
DOB = march + 3 + 1986
sex = female
location = new jersey
height = 5' + 3
weird = 92.4%
complex = height + nationality (LOL)
temprement = idealist + champion
movie = slc punk + fight club + the breakfast club + clerks + mallrats + the rocky horror picture show
book = franny and zooey, the catcher in the rye - jd salinger + a clockwork orange - anthony burgess + demian - hermann hesse
food = sushi + shrimp + pop tarts + cake + salad
quote = i don't care if you are a fish, you get on that bicycle and ride! + trifle not with an insomniac on pez - marley + girls are like the rose bride in the end - himemiya anthy

anime series = sailormoon + utena + eva
anime character = aino minako (venus) + tenjou utena + nagisa kaworu
anime movie = end of evangelion + grave of the fireflies + utena
anime style = utena
mangaka = takeuchi naoko + CLAMP

music genre = punk + ska + j-pop
music band = x japan + sneaker pimps + veruca salt + me first and the gimme gimmes
singer = hamasaki ayumi + tori amos + utada hikaru
song = boys and girls - hamasaki ayumi + mother - tori amos + what i got, santeria - sublime + buddy holly - weezer

kero crisp was first uploaded in April 00', and hasn't been running very long! ^^;; it is best viewed in IE 4+, and looks pretty damn bad in anything else. In other words, this site is very stubborn, and doesen't ike to be flexible with you Netscape users.

The lovely carrot-top at the top of the page, is none other than hamasaki ayumi! If you are not familiar with her music, I suggest you do so. She is wonderfully wonderfully orange, and my future wife. BAHAHA... o.o

The current kero crisp layout is black/white/grey for all of you pessimistic, black and white type of people. besides, I was sick of the orange and rainbows.. @.@ You probably can tell by now I am addicted to frames. ^^;; The layout is a favorite of mine and will be up for a while.. ^^

enough of that! back to me..
Yeah... Well um.. Current news with me. Summer sucks this year. Atleast the weather. Although I love rain, it gets old after awhile, and is definetly not ideal beach weather.. -.-;; School is drawing near... ERGH.. First month is always hellish. @.@ I am keeping this layout for quite a while. I do have some new ideas, and the content wil be ever-changing. I would like to make more websites, since I find it hard to just stay interested in one. So.. I would like to do pages for Utena, and Eva. I have a few ideas and layouts started, so look out for them. ^^

I will be going to OTAKON this year. ^^ Sooo if you see a psychotic fairy chick, running around with her friends, that's me. Say hi to me. I will probably run away.. o.o;