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A small bundle of energetic explosions. Ravaging through the halls of the Kinomoto household, and fiercely trying to defeat a video game. One of Kero-chan's most notable features is his energetic and hyper behavior. Whether in speech or actions, this hyperactive little bear never seems to run out of energy. Kero-chan's efforts are always done with all his energy and enthusiasm. The source of this energy? Well I have figured from watching the first season of CCSakura, that it must be all the food he eats. Kero-chan loves all kinds of food, and will do just about anything for a piece of cake or okonomyaki. Once, he even did Sakura's math homework, in exchange for sweet bean paste. For example, with just one glance of Sakura and Tomoyo eating cake outside, he completely flips. As soon as Sakura enters the room, he runs right up to her, sulking about how happy she looked eating cake. In Tomoyo's words "Anger over food is a scary thing". Although Kero-chan has a general love of food, his favorite foods are sweet. Cakes, sweet bean paste, and cookies are known to be his favorite. But i'm sure if it's edible, Kero-chan probably already has it crammed down his throat. With all this sugar, it is bound to make anyone bounce off the walls. Food is the way to Kero-chan's heart, and the main source for his current mood. The worst feeling for Kero-chan, is probably being denied food. However, when snuck a ittle treat by Sakura after dinner, you will have a VERY happy Kero-chan. So, as you can see, he must have really drastic mood swings... ^^;;

With all this energy, Kero-chan must have some sort of outlet. During the day, Kero-chan has the run of the Kinomoto household. But what about when everyone is home? His boundaries are reduced to mainly Sakura's bedroom.Luckily, Sakura has video games in her room. ^___^ This is one of Kero-chan's favorite activities. Jumping up and down with all his might; this truly is a tiring activity for him. With Kero-chan's spastic personality, one can only imagine what he does when he loses. Another one of his activities is capturing clow cards. Kero-chan accompanies Sakura on just about every clow card expedition. Here, he offers encouragement, knowledge and support. However, he isn't just some mild-mannered spectator, along for the ride. Kero-chan is right in the action; just as much as Sakura is. All these activities have got to tucker such a small bear out.. -.-;;

Kero-chan is always bouncing around, whether it's searching for a clow card, or trying to beat a video game. Unlike some anime characters who are over excitable and hyper, Kero-chan rarley passes the line of being obnoxious or annoying. This is probably his most obvious traits, and it's really just the way he is. Kero-chan's energy doesen't always express his joy. Because of his energetic nature, anger usually turns into violence. He'll shout and scream, to the point where he get's really frustrated. Shaoran, for example immedietly gets on Kero-chan's bad side because not only is he being rude to Sakura, he makes fun of Kero-chan's appearance! On several occassions, he is known to argue and bite Shaoran Li for no apparent reason. If Kero-chan doesen't get angry, he usually over dramatizes crying. Kero-chan's fake sobs and violent temper may quickly change to happiness. He has really strange mood swings, that change in the blink of an eye. Usually due to food, loss of food, uncomfort, or Shaoran. ^^;;