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Episode 22 - The Loop - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The loop connected the race course during a marathon Sakura and co. were running. It appears formless, but when broken, looks like one of those giant workout rubberbands.. o.O;
Costume: Walkie Talkie Headset
Kero Says: "It connects things to make a circle. You need to cut it in order for the card to show its form."
Theme/Setting: Marathon/Cherry Blossom Road
Episode 23 - The Sleep - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The sleep had been making mischief around the university Sakura's father teaches at. It appears as a small white fairy, leaving a trail of dust behind her. Ugh.. I hate this card. Look at its smug expression, and unruly hair! ::smashes it with mallet::
Costume: NONE
Kero Says: "You will fall asleep if you come in contact with the powder."
Theme/Setting: NONE/University
Episode 24 - The Song - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The song was thought to be a ghost, haunting the music room in Tomoeda Elementary. it appears as a bright light, emitting music. The Song copied Tomoyo's voice, since she was practicing for a concert.
Costume: Pink swimming cap with music note
Kero Says: "The song card will copy the most beautiful voice.... and sing... and you listen.... that's it. o.o;"
Theme/Setting: Music/Tomoeda Elementary