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The Storm and The Float -- Episode 15 -- Shaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto
The Storm is just in the beginning of the episode, and is caught by Shaoran. It looks like a small tornado. The Float was caught by just sealing it. However, Sakura used fly to get up to it's height, then used the Forest to catch the girl, the Float was...floating. ^^;;
Used to - Create storms, make things float
Kero-chan says - "The Float is a prankster that likes to make objects float around."
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE
Episode 17 - The Erase - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The Erase card makes things dissapear, and it appears in the form of a thick mist. With Shaoran's help, Sakura focused and located the clow card that was making her friends dissapear.
Costume: Camp Uniform
Kero Says: NONE
Theme/Setting: NONE/Summer Camp
Episode 18 - The Glow - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The glow appears as glowing fireflies, that drift like snow. Sakura saw the glow in her dreams, previous to her capturing it. This card is about as useful as the flower.
Costume: cherry blossom kimono
Kero Says: NONE
Theme/Setting: traditional/festival
Episode 19 - The Move - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The move changes the position of random objects, and appears as small red rings on the object that is moved. The move kept moving The Little Piggy Book.. o.O; Why? I don't know..
Costume: NONE
Kero Says: "It can't move far distances, living things, or large objects. You have to seal it fast, or it will keep moving things."
Theme/Setting: NONE/library
Episode 21 - The Fight - Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
The fight card appears as an ice blue colored female figure. It had been beating up experts in martial arts late at night. And it was cleaning the floor with Meilin, until Sakura called it off! -.-;;
Costume: Puffy red shoulder shirt, with blue bow
Kero Says: "The Fight looks for worthy opponents to challenge"
Theme/Setting: Puffy Bows/ Penguin Park