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The Flower -- Episode 10 -- Sakura Kinomoto
Flower is a happy and harmless card. It spreads flowers, and Sakura caught it pretty easily. The Flower started dancing with Sakura, and let herself be sealed. The Flower looks like a young girl with curly blonde hair in a pink ball gown.. (Oooh.. Kowai! >.<)
Used to - Add flowers to festive occassions
Kero-chan says - "The Flower gets happy when there is fun or celebrations going on. She was probably thinking to add to things with flowers."
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE
The Shield -- Episode 11 -- Sakura Kinomoto
The Shield really doesen't have a form other than it is invisible, and forms a forcefield around select items. Sakura cuts the shield using the Sword, and it appeared as a regular looking shield.
Used to - protect people or objects
Kero-chan says - "The Shield has good character, and wouldn't do something bad. It protects the most import thing it can find. "
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE
The Time -- Episode 12 -- Shaoran Li
The Time looks like an old man dressed in a cloak. Shaoran captures this one using Thunder.
Used to - Control time by freezing it, slowing it down, or speeding it up.
Kero-chan says - "Time can freely control the flow of time. People without magical power can't tell time is being controlled. However, it can only use it's power once a day at 12 o'clock midnight "
Costume - Puffy blue collar
Themed - Fairy
The Power -- Episode 13 -- Sakura Kinomoto
The power's appearence is very decieving. While it looks like a cute young girl, it's quite strong. Sakura must challenge it to a test of strength, and Shaoran helps by using the Time card.
Used to - Overpower opponents
Kero-chan say - "The Power's pride comes from having lots of strength"
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE
The Mist -- Episode 14 -- Sakura Kinomoto
The mist appears as just that; mist. Sakura catches it by gathering it with shadow.
Used to - clear paths, hide from opponents
Kero-chan says - "The Mist corrodes anything that gets in the fog. It would be good to gather it in one place to take care of."
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE