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The Jump -- Episode 5 --Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
Oh my.. This card was funny. It appeared as a really evil looking pink bunny. o.O;; It likes to cause trouble, but unfortunetly, it's not very good at it. ^^;; Sakura didn't use any cards to capture it. The Jump used a bunch of stuffed toys to turn into a really big bunny, but fell over, and was knocked unconcious.. -.-;;
Used to - jump far distances
Kero-chan says - "It's nature is offensive, but stupid"
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE
The Illusion -- Episode 6 -- Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
This card didn't have a specific form. The Illusion looks different tp everyone, depending on what they want to see. Sakura saw her mother, and Tomoyo saw a meat bun.. o.O:;; It took Sakura two tries to catch this one. it made it harder for her because her emotions were involved. However, Sakura just had to seal it, without any battle, except for using Fly.
Used to - Decieve by playing on weaknesses or emotions
Kero-chan says - "It's an illusion. That's why everyone saw something different. Illusion show the person what they want to see."
Costumes - A pink ribbon with a yellow button around the neck the first time. Then a metal clip on the ear.
Themed - Bunny; Techno-Futuristic
The Silent -- Episode 7 -- Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
This card appeared on a painting as a woman who would put a finger to her lips. This card was captured using shadow, to cast Sakura's Shadow into the room, that seals the card.
Used to - Silence loud things, transport noisy things
Kero-chan says - "SIlent hates noise, that's why it might pick a place like a museum. If it uses it's power, sound is gone as well as...::dramatic pause:: ...I forget ::Sakura facefaults::: it didn't talk much.."
Costumes - Festive striped tie
Themed - Under-cover burglar.. >D
The Thunder -- Episode 8 -- Owned by Sakura Kinomoto
Aw yes Li-kun arrives! He was really mean to Sakura though. The thunder looks like a really big lightning lion. Sakura seals it using the Jump, and the Shadow card, mostly because of Li-kun's help and advice.
Used to - shock opponents (literally..)
Kero-chan says - (Shaoran pretty much stole everything Kero-chan was going to explain..) "I was just about to explain that!... I can take being called a moron but stupid! ...-.-;;"
Costume-- A pink bell with black lace
Themed - Neko-chan! (Cat)
The Sword -- Episode 9 -- Sakura Kinomoto
The Sword is said to be one of the weaker cards. It's form is really a sword. ^^;; Sakura catches the Sword using illusion. Her friend Rika is being controlled by the sword, and stops when she sees an illusion of her teacher. When the sword is knocked away from her, the card loses cotrol over her.
Used to - Turn the user into an expert swordsman
Kero-chan says - "What's going-..:::Sniff:: Pudding.. Without me!?.." "The sword makes whoeve uses it an expert at swordplay. The power of the sword depends on the heart od the person carrying it. If it doesen;t want to cut you, it will hit you with the back end of the sword. Otherwise.."
Costume - NONE
Themed - NONE