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The story
     Kero-chan is from the anime and manga series, Card Captor Sakura. The story is about a fourth grade girl named Kinomoto Sakura. While wandering around her father's study, Sakura stumbles upon a book entitled The Clow. Upon opening the book, Sakura finds a deck of cards. She says the name of the card 'the Windy' and all the cards fly from the book.  Just when she thought things couldn't get any Sakura and Kero-chan!weirder, a small yellow creature emerges from the cover.  It greets her with an enthusiastic hello, and introduces himself as Cerberus; the guardian of the Clow. Cerberus appoints Sakura as a card captor to help him gather the cards. If they don't, the cards will do disasterous things to the world. Since Sakura was able to open the book, Cereberus figured she must have atleast some magic power. When Sakura accepted the wand of sealing, a card captor was born. With Kero-chan's counselling and indepth knowledge of the Clow, and her best friend Tomoyo's support and costumes, Sakura will indefinetly stop the cards from bringing ruin to the world!

The creators
    Meet the incredibly talented four-woman team that make up CLAMP. Responsible for such works as Derayd (Their first!), Magic Knight Rayearth, X/99, Clover, Tokyo Babylon, and Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. Originally a group of eleven, these artists originated in the Kansai area of Japan. Many members felt their original drawing style was being too influenced. Therefore, CLAMP has been reduced to four members. 

Nanase Ohkawa
Birthday : February 5, 1967
Star Sign : Taurus
Blood Type : A
Favorite Color : Black, White
Favorite Food : McDonald's, Pasta, Barbecue Pork
Least Favorite Food : Vegetables
Favorite Cartoon : Cutey Honey
Representative Animal in CLAMP : Penguin
Duty in CLAMP : Script, Direction, Cover Design, Planning, Sales

Mick Nekoi
Birthday : January 21, 1969
Star Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : O
Favorite Color : Black
Favorite Food : Rice
Least Favorite Food : Wild Vegetables
Favorite Cartoon : Captain Future
Representative Animal in CLAMP : Dolphin
Duty in CLAMP : Art Director & Art Assistant, Tone Works

Satsuki Igarashi
Birthday : August 2, 1969
Star Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : A
Favorite Color : Black, Green
Favorite Food : Rice
Least Favorite Food : Vegetables
Favorite Cartoon : Cyclone of Galaxy
Representative Animal in CLAMP : Emu
Duty in CLAMP : Production Coordinator, Drawing & Design Assistant

Mokona Appapa
Birthday: June 16, 1968
Star Sign : Gemini
Blood Type : A
Favorite Color : White
Favorite Food : Potato Gravy
Least Favorite Food : Grape, Cream
Favorite Cartoon : Nadia
Representative Animal in CLAMP : Little Monkey
Duty in CLAMP : Leading Artist, Character Drawing, Difficult Backgrounds, Page Lay-out and Composition.